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​​One of the most unique aspects of Edgewater and all of our subsidiaries -- and what we believe sets us apart from other companies -- is our culture. At the foundation of our organization is our unequivocal commitment to our customers, as well as to our employees. Our ultimate goal is to have our customers succeed and that goal is embodied in everything we do including the team environment we foster.  Such cultural aspects promote our employees' entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to collaborate as a team - which ultimately equates to a rewarding career experience.

Our team is very committed to what we do and how we do it. Although we have a casual and laid back atmosphere, we do have high expectations from our employees. Here are some of the values we bring to our work environment:

  • ​Fresh approach to solving our clients’ business problems

  • Continuous learning through diverse project assignments

  • Exposure to many different technologies

  • Entrepreneurial culture

  • Team-oriented collaborative approach

  • Talented workforce

If this type of environment excites you, click here to learn about current openings at Edgewater, Edgewater Fullscope, and Edgewater Ranzal, and how to become a member of the Edgewater team.​​

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