Edgewater: Profound Digital Changes Are Creating New Opportunities for Insurance Carriers built on Remaking Customer Engagement

CEO to Present the Possibilities for Digital Transformation

at 2017 Life Insurers Council Annual Meeting

WAKEFIELD, Mass., February 8, 2017 - Edgewater Technology, Inc. (EDGW) Shirley Singleton, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Edgewater, will explore the possibilities for Digital Transformation in the insurance industry at the Life Insurers Council Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida tomorrow. As technology innovations are sweeping the industry, insurance carriers are progressing in their efforts to digitize. Now, they must harness the scale of cloud computing and data analytics to remake customer engagement, drive loyalty, and, ultimately, create new business opportunities.

"As insurance carriers look to create future value," said Ms. Singleton, "we see a world, powered by the cloud, in which digital transformation will focus on new types of engagement spanning the insurance carrier, the insurance producer, and, most importantly, the consumer. This engagement will be omni-channel, connecting every digital and human touchpoint, wherever it originates. Each touchpoint will also be context-aware with tasks and content matched to each customer's specific need, device, and environment, as well as predicting their future needs."

At the Life Insurers Council Annual Meeting, Edgewater will share the importance of taking a holistic view before embarking on any effort to transform. The critical steps are to assess how digital transformation is changing consumer expectations, explore the possibilities for your own organization, and engage in the areas of greatest impact.

"There is a great deal of chatter in the industry today on what digital transformation actually means. 'What is digital transformation? How do I create and execute my strategy? How will the cloud enable my growth?' These are all questions that CEOs are asking," continued Ms. Singleton. "We believe that digital transformation is guided, first, by describing what kind of relationship you want to have with your customer in the future. Gaining insights from your people, your data, and your processes, will help you refine your vision. Delivering on digital transformation, even in a small way, can have transformative effects and help turn your vision from dream to reality."

Edgewater is honored to be participating in the 2017 Life Insurers Council Annual Meeting. Shirley Singleton will make her presentation at the meeting on Thursday, February 9th at 11:15 EST. For more information, please contact Tim Oakes at toakes@edgewater.com or visit our website at www.edgewater-consulting.com/industries/insurance

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